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What Have You Been Reading Lately?

I spent far too many years in university. University really took a tole on one of my (former) favourite hobbies—reading. I read a lot, it’s true—but mostly academic , articles and journals that were either required or necessary for writing term papers. All that academic reading left little time for pleasure reading. Plus, when I wasn’t reading for school, I just wanted to go for a walk, watch a movie or anything but read!

I’ve slowly gotten myself back in to the habit of reading before bed and during lunch breaks at work. I’ve moved a lot in the last 2 years, which means that I got rid of a ton of stuff. The stuff I had the most of were books. I’m sad to have had to part with so many of my beloved books, but those things are heavy and hard to move. I’ve been spending more time browsing for new books (fiction and non) to add to my small (er) collection both in person at bookstores and at the local library.

riffle book site

a screenshot of some of my recommended reads and books that I want to read.

It’s hard to know which books are good and which ones aren’t worth reading. I was invited to test out a new online site called Riffle, a few weeks ago. The site is visual in nature, which I love! You can check view books by covers in your personal feed, and decide which ones you’d like to check out in the future. You can also tag which books you’ve read before, and recommend your favourites to your followers. There’s more—you can create lists of recommended books by any theme you want, and people can view those lists and follow them, and you.


screenshot of books recommended by people that I follow.

If this all sounds like fun, and you want to check out Riffle, I have a few invites. Leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll send you an invite!

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