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What Not to Wear to an Office Holiday Party

This may be the first time you and your co-workers see each other outside of the typical office or work environment—not wearing the usual office-wear or uniform.

What kind of impression do you want to make to your co-workers and bosses?

I remember one Christmas party that I went to years ago was held in a relatively small venue with tables and chairs for a set meal. Everyone was somewhat dressed up and behaving well-enough—until after dinner was finished and people started drinking way-too-much. Many of my co-workers were tipsy quickly after dinner finished, especially one lady who was wearing a tan catsuit with a shiny belt. This lady came across as aloof yet somewhat put-together at work, but at the party—the urine and wine stains on her catsuit gave us all a much different impression of her. Certainly, one that I wish I could erase from my memory!

Other than a catsuit, I would also not recommend wearing:

  • Things that flash and bling
  • Too much makeup (concentrate on one area of the face to highlight)
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters (unless there is a theme)
  • Mistletoe on your body, hoping to get kisses from your co-workers
  • Really revealing nightclub dresses
What do you think? Have you ever been to an office/work party where people were inappropriately dressed?


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