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Winter Ready Entryways

Umbrellas, sopping wet jackets, muddy boots. . .just part of what has appeared in my front entryway as of late, and we are only just getting in to the season (though, not officially). Somehow, this time of year always seems to creep up on me and before I know it, I am full-on in to the 6 months of non-stop rain that we get here in Vancouver.

umbrella standphoto via

What can you do to get your entryway winter-ready?

Clear out out-of -season toys, hats, shoes, and outerwear. Taking out the things that will not be needed or used for a number of months will allow more room for winter essentials, and help keep the things you’ll regularly be using close at hand and organized.

Make it easy to keep your floors clean by adding a boot scraper, boot tray and umbrella stand to keep the dirt and water being tracked in to your home to a minimum.

wire mesh cubbyphoto via At West End

Provide a place to sit down to help people put on their winter boots and shoes. It can be tricky to keep ones balance while lacing up shoes or tugging on rain boots, especially if the floor is a little bit wet and if you have a heavy jacket and other winter gear on. You don’t need a ton of room, but anything from a small stool, a chair or a bench will do. If you don’t have the room, try one of those fold-up chairs/benches that attach to a wall and can be pulled down to sit on.

What do you have to get winter ready entryways ?

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