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WMF 6.5 l Pressure Cooker — Deserted Island Kitchen #5

WMF Pressure Cooker

We’ve written about pressure cookers before. Perhaps a little obsessively—check out this series. So it’s probably not a surprise that a pressure cooker is something that we’d drag with us, even all the way to a . In fact, we carry one everywhere, we even have a smaller version that we take camping—they’re great for cooking at altitude.

It’s our go-to pot for everything from soup to chickpea curry. Because pressure-cookers are a closed system, they’re an extremely fast and energy efficient way to cook.

We love this stainless-steel and induction compatible pressure cooker from WMF. All of the valve-workings are in a removable handle that’s easy to rinse and clean, and the quality is top-notch. If we had room for just one pot in our luggage—it’s the one we’d take—hands down. The fact that it takes so much less energy to cook means that we’d only have to gather half as much wood! (From $150)

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