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ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case Review

This ZAGGfolio case would’ve been an absolute life saver on my month long trip to the USA last September! A keyboard and case in one, the ZAGGfolio gently caresses and encases my .

Made of carbon fibre, and complete with a removable bluetooth keyboard, the ZAGGfolio allows you to carry your iPad along with a portable keyboard. This is the perfect combination for getting things done on the go.

zagg folio

Why would you need a portable keyboard? Well, there is a touch screen keyboard that you can use, but with an external one like the ZAGGfolio one you can make use of the full size of the iPad screen.

I can just imagine myself being extra productive using this ZAGGfolio. I mean, the keyboard is so clicky and comfortable to type one! I like having my iPad screen horizontal, as seen above—I can really see a lot of what I’m working on that way. Also, it makes it easy to switch between word processing/productive stuff and watching something on YouTube or a move. Of course, if you remove the keyboard from the case, you can stand your iPad upright (vertically). You won’t need to charge the keyboard very often—a few times a year. Charging is easily done by plugging the micro USB cord in to your computer or ZAGGSparq (which I will be reviewing in the next few days). I am trying to tell you something that I don’t like about the ZAGGfolio—but I am at a loss, because I really love this product! Seriously! Did I mention that the case clicks closed? How cool is that? I am going to be moving to Vancouver (sorry, I keep mentioning it, but I am so excited) next week, and will have about 4 days of being ‘on the road’ between here and Seattle and back to Vancouver. I’ll be making great use of the ZAGGfolio whilst on the road.


Touted as an all-in-one cover/stand/keyboard, the ZAGGfolio, can be purchased in dozens of cover colour and keyboard combinations. Which one is your favourite?  The ZAGGfolio is available for all 3 models of iPad for $99.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the ZAGGfolio for your iPad. I am loving mine! I received one for review purposes but I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are mine!

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