Canada Day Party Ideas


On July 1st us Canadians will be celebrating Canada Day. People do  1 of 2 things to celebrate the holiday—get drunk and go to concerts/celebrations, or have backyard BBQs with their family and friends. I’ve gone to those big celebrations in parks or city hall a few times and never really enjoyed myself. I definitely prefer a more quiet get-together.

canada day decor

More decorating ideas here.

This is the typical kind of cake that you’ll see at many Day celebrations, a simple cake with strawberries representing the Canadian flag:

Source: via Eva on Pinterest


For decorations, forgo the dollar store paper flags and plastic tablecloths that can only be used once —instead, buy a red cloth tablecloth and some white cloth napkins to make the event not only more eco-friendly but also a bit more classy.


I like the below take on the red and white theme, which can be easily be done for a backyard BBQ.


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