Harvest Dinner Party & Thanksgiving Ideas


Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year—it is apparently this weekend? To say that I am not prepared is an understatement. Of course, Greg and I are not going to be spending the time with our families this year, mostly due to financial reasons since we moved here not too long ago. I would have loved to have some friends over for a small dinner party, but that is also not happening. Maybe we’ll celebrate American Thanksgiving (in November) this year?!

I know we’ll be throwing a dinner party this season some time, and will be having a harvest/autumn theme when we do, so here are some of my ideas for what to serve and how to decorate —Thanksgiving ideas.

Welcome guests to your home with a fall wreath on your front door, and the smell of cinnamon and apples when they enter. A simple centrepiece like the one below can be made with very few components and definitely on the cheap:

fall centrepiecePhoto from Martha Stewart.com

In terms of what to serve—keep it , and prepare as much of the courses as you can in advance. Salad, for instance is a delicious, fresh course and always a big hit—use apples and and nuts with a light balsamic dressing to change things up. You can put together all the components ahead of time and just plate-up when it’s time to serve.

Being vegan, I wouldn’t recommend serving meat, but there are plenty of other protein-y mains you can serve instead. . .or just serve a nice, hearty soup/stew as an alternative. Don’t forget the buns or biscuits, and some homemade garlic spread. I prefer to keep my dinner party meals more on the light side—finished off with a delicious pie or tart and homemade ice cream.

Coffee is a must, of course. What about you? What do you prefer to serve at dinner parties this time of year?

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