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Top Considerations For Your Craft Room or Studio

So you’ve decided to dedicate a room, garage, attic, shed, basement or section of your house to your creative pursuits. . . Now what?

Craft Room

Craft Rom by JDS Designs via Houzz

What should you include in your creative space?

That question should be followed by–what do you plan on doing in the space?

In the live/work studio I used to live in in Vancouver, one of my neighbors for a time, was a tap dancer–so his studio had a floating wood tap floor installed. I can’t begin to tell you how annoying this was because the tapping on the floating floor made the loudest, most awful noise for both studios next door. Anyway, having a long desk and storage for rolls of wrapping paper wouldn’t have made any sense for this guy.

Source: via Tazim on Pinterest


Do you want a space where you can work on multiple creative pursuits together, or do you have a model-making hobby that requires all the room?

 the locker studio

I love the IKEA white drawers for laying paper flat, in this studio via Houzz.

Make a list of what you’d like to do in your creative space.
Here’s mine:
-create linocuts and wood block prints
-make jewelry
-take photos (more for taking photos of products or projects for my blog than anything else)
-graphic design

Think of all the things you’ll need and want for each of those creative pursuits.
For sewing, for instance, you’ll need a closet or shelf to store your fabric, notions, patterns, and somewhere to hang in-progress pieces. You’ll also need a nice, long table to spread fabric out, a good task light, as well as general lighting, place to put the sewing machine, and possibly the serger. For me, I doubt that I’ll be creating much with a sewing machine (actually, Greg does all of the sewing, I don’t have the head for it), but simple projects like making curtains and throw cushions, and hemming/mending clothing, still require space planning.

For painting, here are a few things I’d love to have:
-a sink
-storage for canvases
-storage for paint and brushes
-painting easel or two
-table with tabletop easel for smaller pieces
-small table to put painting supplies near easel

feldman architecture studio

Feldman Architecture studio

What practical things, or fun things would you like to have?
You’ll need a desk or table, surely, and a comfortable desk chair, but what about a place to collect your thought? I would like to have a small conversation area with 2 comfy chairs and a cocktail table so that Greg and I can sit and discuss, chat and bounce ideas off each other. This area would also be great for short food or snack breaks, or getting inspiration from magazines or books.

I’d want a tv that I could watch Netflix, movies and tv shows on. . . HGTV and otherwise. I like to relax and watch something while I’m creating. I’d also want a good stereo, a laptop or iPad station, a kettle and tea/coffee station, and that sink I mentioned earlier.

What would you include to inspire you?
-pin boards/cork boards
-magazines and books
-flowers or plants
-your favorite quotes

Don’t forget to think about storage for all the supplies you’ll need. I’ll be sharing more ideas on putting together your craft room or studio in the rest of the series.

I am curious to know–what are your creative pursuits? Do you currently have a space to pursue creativity in your home?

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