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Enjoying Summer and Extending Your Indoor Space with a Balcony


Non-rainy weather doesn’t make up very much of the year here in Vancouver, Canada. When it isn’t —and sometimes even when it is—Vancouverites like to use their balconies for . Even though balconies are small, just that little bit of extra space really extends the living space. With tiny apartments the norm here, every bit counts! 

Sunny weather is especially perfect for sitting out and enjoying a quiet meal with a friend or two, or chatting while checking out the view. Just the other night our friends invited us to their downtown apartment to enjoy the annual Celebration of Lights fireworks competition. The view of the city, the ocean and the mountains was spectacular, and a perfect spot to catch the large-crowd-drawing event. Rather than just seeing the fireworks from street level, or crowding down on the beach, we stood comfortably on our friend’s balcony.

With the mild weather and wanting to extend the small space in Vancouver apartments, balconies are popularly used for dining, stargazing, reading, and (unfortunately) smoking.

Do you have a balcony or patio? 

These are just some of my favorite activities that my family enjoys on our patio. What activities do you and your family enjoy on your patio? Need some help figuring out your style? Sears is making it easy with their interactive quiz that helps you select your perfect style.


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