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Top Ways to Prepare Your Home for Future Overnight Guests

It’s expensive enough living in Vancouver to live in a one or bachelor apartment—a two place is practically unheard of. Strangely enough, most Vancouver apartments have fairly large bedrooms. I find this a bit annoying because I spend so much of my time in the main room—which is a combination space. The main room is my office, studio, dining room, living room and kitchen. If I have a couple staying over, or if my mom or dad ever came to stay, I would give them my and sleep in the living room. This way, my guest(s) would have more privacy.

So, what happens when you have unexpected company—or company that you invite over?


Top ways to prepare your home for future overnight guests

  1. Have a place for your guest(s) to sleep. Multipurpose sofa beds are a great pieces of furniture for this purpose—they can be placed in spare bedrooms (if you have them), a den or just in your living room. When not being used as a bed, they can easily be converted to their other purpose (a sofa).
  2. Set up a basket or drawer with things that your guest(s) would need —things like a duvet or comforter, a set of sheets, a pillow and a towel.
  3. Make sure that your guest(s) has/have a bit of privacy. This is difficult in a space like mine—but, I can have a folding screen set up in the corner of my bedroom that I move to the living room for when I have company.
  4. Have extras on hand. People often forget things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and razors. Put together a little zippered bag or basket for all these things.

Do you often have guests staying overnight? Where do they normally sleep?

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